"We know how hard it can be to fall asleep when you're in pain. Our Sleep Aid helps you fall asleep fast and wake refreshed."

After conducting a targeted survey, we discovered that one of the hardest aspects of neuropathy, outside of the pain, is the difficulty falling asleep. When the bed sheets feel like sandpaper rubbing an open wound, it can be hard to relax and get the restorative sleep that our bodies need.

Our formulation was created from the ground up using ingredients based on the most conclusive clinical studies.

Take just 1 capsule before bed each night and experience the following benefits:

  • Fall asleep fast
  • Stay asleep all night
  • Wake up refreshed
  • And it’s backed by our money back guarantee

Why do I need to get Sleep Aid?

Lack of sleep can exacerbate the symptoms of neuropathy and many find it hard to maintain healthy sleep habits while dealing with chronic pain. Deep and restful sleep helps in more ways than one:

  • Improved Mood
  • Metabolism and weight
  • Energy and stamina
  • Mental clarity and cognition

Made with natural ingredients that work

Our Sleep Aid can be used every night for a deep and restorative sleep

Sleep Aid contains 30 capsules packed with the ideal amounts of each of these ingredients. Taking just 1 capsule a day along with Nerve Renew will help turbocharge your results. Our ingredients are non habit forming and will help gently ease you into a deep sleep each night and help you to wake up refreshed.

Our 1 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that if our Sleep Aid hasn't helped gently nudge you into better sleep habits ... or you are not fully satisfied for any other reason (or for no reason at all) ... you will get 100% of your money back on your most recent order.

That's right - that means you can try out the Sleep Aid at our risk, and request a refund any time within 1 year of your most recent order!

Add Sleep Aid to your order for only $29 and get free shipping for as long as you’re on the product.

You can decide if you want to try just 1 bottle at the discounted rate or receive a new bottle each month so you never run out

Each bottle contains a 30 day supply at just 1 capsule per day.

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